About Us

Dance Studio Website Wizard is the brain child of us, Julie & Elizabeth Emery. We previously owned a dance studio and sold it and currently also run multiple other websites, including Dance Teacher Finder, a dance studio job board with over 2,000 dance instructor resumes that dance schools can use to quickly find dance teachers.

The idea was born when we were discussing how we always ran our own website but we knew a lot of dance studio owners didn’t do that and how much simpler it would be for them if we could use our knowledge to help them quickly develop a website.

As former studio owners, we understand in a way no one else could how important your time as a dance studio owner is and how demanding your job can be.

We feel that by using our services, you’ll be able to spend time on other things that truly matter – like teaching your dance classes, choreographing routines, picking out costumes, etc. – and we’ll take care of the important aspect of creating a website for you.

With over ten years experience creating and running dance websites, we know what works & what doesn’t work from our own past successes (and failures!) so you can bypass having to go through that yourself by just turning to us!

We know every dance studio owner wants something different out a dance studio website:whether they just want to give basic information so customers can contact them or they want to be able to register students online – and so we have multiple options you can choose from so you can pick what works for you.

But we also know the one thing dance studio owners want – and have to have – is a fast website, so all of our plans are optimized so your website can be incredibly fast.

Additionally, we know what techniques are needed to get you ranked as high in Google & other search engines as possible.

And each option allows you to have all of this without having to go through hours of training to learn how to improve your Google Ranking, code websites, use complicated registration tools, etc.

You can just fill out these forms to customize the website for you and Dance Studio Website Wizard will magically create the website for you – and quickly, too, because we know that time is money and you need that website out there working for you!