Green Plan

What is the Green Plan?

The Green Plan is the most deluxe website design plan offered by Dance Studio Website Wizard.

What features does it offer?

The Green Plan offers a lot of great features that would be great to have on your website:

  • An About Us page where you can tell potential customers the story of your dance studio (what year it started, philosophies, achievements, etc.)
  • Dance class style listings on the front page with pictures of each dance style
  • Pages for each dance class style which you can customize with a listing of all classes offered for each style, a video showing a dance class or dance performance for each dance style, dress code requirements for each dance style and a description of each dance style. An example of a sample Ballet Page can be found here.
  • A dance class schedule separated by rooms if your dance studio has more than one classroom (you can see a sample dance class schedule here).
  • An optional Competition Team Page if your dance studio has a Competition Team where you can post pictures and/or a video of your competition team (this can be changed to a Company Page if your dance studio has a Company and not a Competition Team).
  • Faculty listings where you can put a picture, name & a bio.
  • Optional testimonials from your customers
  • Links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • A blog option where you’ll be able to submit blog entries whenever you have news you want to share with your customers (such as a recital date, wins at a dance competition, a student of yours getting a dance scholarship, an open house, a Christmas party, etc.) and then they will appear on the front page of the website
  • A registration page where parents can fill out their children’s information (age, experience) and then they’ll be able to choose the right dance class for their child, sign up and pay a registration fee (this can also work for dance camps, too).

Can I see an example of a dance studio website?

Yes, we have a demo site that you can access by clicking here.

Can I use the pictures from your demo website?

Unforunately, no, you cannot due to copyright laws. You will need to use your own pictures or if you don’t have any, we recommend you purchase pictures through Shutterstock. You’ll then upload them during the sign up process.

How does the registration form work?

What’s great about the registration form is that it should make registration a lot easier for parents – and then in turn easier for you! A parent can fill out the child’s age and dance experience and then only classes the child would be qualified for will show up and the parent can choose between those dance class times. For example, let’s say the child is 6 years old and has no dance experience. Once the parent fills that out, only dance classes for 6 year old that accept beginners would be presented to the parent.

We developed these registration forms because, as former dance studio owners, we noticed how many times parents would accidentally sign up their child for the wrong class and we know what a headache that can be for everyone sorting that out on the first week of class. That’s why we think our registration forms are the best registration forms available for dance studio owners.

You can watch this video to see the registration form in action:

Can these plans accept payments?

Yes, they can! You can use a PayPal account or set up a Stripe account and then you’ll be able to charge registration fees and camp fees. This is a wonderful way for you to accept payments in an easy fashion which should help you take in a lot more money.

Can I accept monthly tuition payments?

There are a couple ways you can do that with this plan:

  1. If you have PayPal, we can set up a way for customers to be able to pick the amount they need and pay each month
  2. If you have Square, you can set up monthly invoices and then send them out to your customers. Your customers will even be able to check off a box and then you can put them on automatic payments, so you’ll be able to take in monthly payments automatically! We go into detail on how to do that in this video:

We can also set your website up so that the registration fees & camp payments accepted through the registration form are doing through the Square payment gateway. This is wonderful if you already use Square or you are planning to use Square for monthly tuition like described in the video above. Please note that to do this, we will charge $100 extra on your web design charge.

How much does this plan cost?

You will be charged for the initial web design and then you will pay a monthly fee for website management (you can learn more about all the advantages of a website management plan here). By being on our monthly management plan, you will be allowed to request up to 20 edits per month. You can get out of the monthly management plan at any time. If you do not wish to pay as much upfront, you can opt to pay less initially and then add the remainder of your web design cost to your monthly website management bill. Overall, this is the more expensive option, but it would save you money upfront. If you choose this option, you are under contract for 1 year for the web management and would still be responsible for the monthly payments for 1 year. You can see the pricing here.