How Do You Design a Good Dance Studio Website?

  • Your website needs to be fast – like, really fast. You need a website that loads in 3 seconds or less. We go over how to test a website’s speed here. One way to make sure you have a website is to have your website designed by Dance Studio Website Wizard, because the main goal of websites designed by Dance Studio Website Wizard is to be fast.
  • Your website needs to look good on both mobile phones and laptop or desktop computers. As of 2019, over half of internet users were using a mobile device. One thing I’ve noticed about dance studio website (and this is really true if it’s been a few years since the website was designed) look beautiful on computers or laptops but they are hard to read on a phone. All of the websites designed by Dance Studio Website WIzard are designed to look great on all devices.
  • Your website needs to be secure. Website security is incredibly important, and people don’t want to a website that has been deemed unsafe. Unfortunately, a lot of dance studios are not safe because they still have “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS”. “HTTPS”, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, adds an extra layer of protection and if your website doesn’t have it, you’ll get a warning sign on web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla.
  • Your website needs pictures of dancers. You want people to picture themselves or their children dancing at your dance studio, and happy dancers on your website can help potential customers picture this. It’s easy to get pictures up on Dance Studio Website Wizard websites because you can just easily upload them during the registration process and then Dance Studio Website Wizard will not only put them on the website for you, they’ll make sure the photos don’t take a long time to load.
  • Your website needs videos of dancers dancing, too, because this is another great way to get customers excited about themselves or their children taking dance lessons from your dance studio. This is also easy to do with Dance Studio Website Wizard. All you’ll have to do is just give a YouTube or Facebook link.
  • You need social media accounts displayed on your website. You need to have a social media account presence along with your website because that’s not only a way to keep your customers involved but social media is also a way people are going to first find out about you. And by adding social media icons to your website, your current customers can find your social media accounts and interact with you, and the more followers, likes, shares, etc. you get on your social media accounts, the better the chances are that other people will find your dance studio’s Facebook, Instagram, etc. – and those people might end up becoming customers.
  • Once your dance studio website has been designed, you need to keep up with updates to make sure your website is still safe. New viruses are always being created, and security updates are needed to protect you from it. So if you get your website designed and then that’s it, you think you can just get it up online and things will be safe, well, that’s actually not the case. But if you get your website built by Dance Studio Website Wizard, they will continue to host and maintain your website monthly and they’ll make sure you have all the right updates.
  • Your dance studio website needs to be designed in a way that you can easily update it when things change (like, let’s say you fire a dance teacher, or you add classes, or your want to let people know about a recital date, etc.). The top option of Dance Studio Website Wizard allows you to maintain a blog but all you’ll have to do is fill out a form and it will be posted for you easily, without you having to learn anything about website design. And all plan options at Dance Studio Website Wizard also let customers make changes