SEO for Dance Schools

Dance Studio Website Wizard is excited to share our 10+ years of dance studio SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge with other dance studio owners by providing a new service, Online Search Wizard.

This is the perfect solution for dance studio owners who want to show up higher in Google but do not have the time to spend hours researching and improving their rankings in search engines.

Dance studio owners can pay for Online Search Wizard each month, and our team of experts will provide the following services:

  • A weekly blog entry for your dance studio’s website, using top keywords Online Search Wizard has determined could help you rank higher in Google
  • Review monitoring, so that you will be informed of your online reviews and will know when to respond to new reviews
  • Updates of your website – both content and behind-the-scenes coding – based on keywords (if we built your website and you are currently on a monthly maintenance plan)
  • A monthly report of suggested changes to your website based on keywords (if someone else built your website)
  • An overall monthly progress report

Purchase now and you’ll get $100 off each month for life! Just make sure to purchase before the end of June to lock into these incredible savings (a savings of over $1000 a year!).

A few frequently asked questions about this service:

Is this a monthly charge or a one-time charge?

This is a monthly charge so that we can continue to work and keep you ranked high in search engines. If you pay someone a one-time fee, you’re not going to be able to see good results long-term because search engine results are always changing and your competitors could start outranking you over time.

If I purchase this service now, am I locked into a long time agreement?

Of course not! You are free to get out of this service at any time. We strongly recommend against, though, only using this service for say a month because it often takes time to see the best results, but we don’t make anyone stay in a plan.

Do you really limit how many dance studios you work with?

Yes, because we want to be able to really spend a lot of time with each dance studio we work with and additionally, we do not want to work with, say, a lot of dance studios from the same area because those studios are all competing with each other and therefore we would be competing against ourselves. So make sure you buy this service ASAP before your competitor beats you to it!